021 – Toulovec Stables  
Picturesque landscape with wonderful cycling routes
1. 3. 2018

Nature reserves, parks and monuments, lookout towers, nature trails, hiking trails, but especially 150 km of well-marked and well-advised cycling routes that lead through meadows, forests and cross the beautiful sandstone rock town, that is Toulovec Stables region. It is a land promised to tourists and cyclists. The routes do not lead along roads and asphalt trails, but on narrow footpaths. The paths have perfect markings and you can choose their diddiculty acccording to your condition. It is visible, that cycle trails were planned by bikers for bikers. And so it should be everywhere!

The film is in Czech with English subtitles

Refreshment on the route
Budislav – Pub Na Skalách, Vranice – Pub Na Verandě U Toulovce, Roudná – Refreshment Koupaliště Roudná, Polanka – Restaurant Chata Polanka

Points of interest on the route
Proseč – Planetary route, Paseky – Terezka lookout tower, Budislav – rock Velké Hradisko, Church of God's Love, Toulovec Stables – the sandstone rock town, Nové Hrady – Kupadla, Bor u Skutče – rock Columbus Egg, rock tower Petrovna

Description of the route: From Proseč along Planetary route (cycle trails Maštale 3 and 5) to Terezka lookout tower – along cycle trail Maštale 5, 9 a 4, unmarked path and yellow sign to Budislav – along cycle trail Maštale 3 to Borek – downhill along cycle trail Maštale 9 to Panský pound – along red to Panský stůl and then to Kostelíček – uphill along yellow across City Stables to cycle route Maštale 3 – along cycle route Maštale 1 to Toulovec Stables and to Vranice – along cycle trail Maštale 4 to Roudná and around swimming pool highroad to Nové Hrady – across meadow along cycle trail Maštale 7 to Polanka – along cycle trail Maštale 2 around Kupadla to Kazatelna – along unmarked path and red to Columbus Egg - along red to Bor u Skutče – along cycle trails Maštale 2 and 1 to Proseč.

Length: 35km
Elevation: 772 m
Difficulty: Medium
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