023 – From Giant to Jizera Mountains  
From the cradle of the violinists to the village of bird hunters
1. 5. 2018

From Paseky nad Jizerou - the village of Godforsaken Patriots, leads our way along the valley of the Jizera River from the Giant Mountains to the Jizera Mountains. They are favored by cyclists, because their ridge forms an extensive plateau, and when you go up you ride bike by plane. The surface of a series of paths forms a fine gravel and you can also cross the terrain. There are many beautiful sightseeings on our route, such as the Vlašský Ridge, Štěpánka Lookout Tower and Jára Cimrman Lighthouse. And when you are at the Lighthouse, do not forget to visit U Čápa restaurant where they brew a fine beer.

The film is in Czech with English subtitles

Paseky nad Jizerou – Guesthouse and restaurant Na Buďárce, Kořenov – Guesthouse Martinské údolí, Hotel Maredis, Jizerka – Restaurant Pyramida, Panský dům, Mountain Hut Pešákovna, Kořenov – Restaurant and Guesthouse U Zvonku, Příchovice – Brewery and restaurant U Čápa (we recommend!!!), Kořenov (under lookout tower Štěpánka)– Hvězda Hut, Paseky nad Jizerou – Prdek Pub,

Points of interest
Paseky nad Jizerou - Godforsaken Patriots memorial, Jizerka - preserved original area of the mountain glassworks settlement, Kořenov - Heat Station and Cog Railway Museum, Příchovice - Lookout Tower Jára Cimrman Lighthouse, Museum of Cimrman's Times, Kořenov - Štěpánka Lookout Tower,

Route: From Paseky nad Jizerou along blue to Horní Kořenov - red and cycle trail 3020 to Jizerka - yellow to crossroad with Knížecí way - along Knížecí way and yellow to the railway station in Kořenov - blue and unsigned road through Kořenov to U Čápa in Příchovice - green to Štěpánka Lookout Toer - downhill around Turnovská Hut to yellow - yellow to Prdek Pub - Green to Godforsaken Patriots Museum

Length: 40 km
Elevation: 1 081 m
Difficulty: middle
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