024 – Iron Mountains  
Lichnice, Oheb, Wildstein and Sec Dam
1. 6. 2018

Iron Mountains are formed by hills with dense forests and meadows. The landscape is made for bikers. From Licoměřice, from the small private lookout tower, our way leads to the ruins of the medieval castle of Lichnice. It was the royal castle of Charles IV. and there is beautiful prospect from its tower. We ride bikes down the hill along ravine flattened with dry leaves to Třemošnice and count the number of wood ticks on us. We will visit the Hedvika valley and circle the Seč Dam. We'll save three cyclists from New Bydzov. On the way back we struggle a bit with time, the sun sets and it will be dark early.

The film is in Czech with English subtitles

refreshment under Lichnice castle, Klokočov – Na Pilce (opened from 1.6. to 31.8., Hoješín, Dolní Ves – Pod Drnem Pub, Žlebská Lhotka – Gesthouse Žlebská Lhotka (recommended!!!)

Points of interest
Licoměřice – Na kopečku lookout tower, Podhradí, Třemošnice – Lichnice castle ruins, Třemošnice – Hedvika valley, Seč Dam, Oheb and Vildštějn castle ruins

Route: From Licoměřice along blue to Zbyslavec - red to Lichnice castle, downhill to Třemosšnice and trail through Hedvika Valley - green to Peklo ponds - from ponds along unsigned forest path to Žďárec u Seče - yellow around dam to dike - along cycle trail 4114 and 4115 - blue to Pilka - from Pilka downstrem of Chrudimka cca 400 m through the valley on narrow path close to river - turn left and ride up to Klokočov - red around dam to crossroad Na předělu - 1,6 km along unsigned way on eastern slope of Iron Mountains - cross the ridge and join red - red and yellow to Třemošnice - blue to Licoměřice

Lenght: 48 km
Elevation: 1 197 m
Difficulty: middle
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