025 - Iron Mountains 2  
Through Bethlehem and Merry Hill
1. 7. 2018

Last time, we enjoyed the Iron Mountains so much, that we decided to come back here again. We will visit Bethlehem (in Hlinsko), the Veselý Kopec open-air museum and we will watch the water hammer. Going by bike through the paths, we will go through several nature reserves and see the football match in Horní Bradlo. And as always on the way through the virgin wilderness we meet only a few tourists.

The film is in Czech with English subtitles

Bethlehem Hlinsko – Café Mandala, Pub U svatého Huberta, Veselý Kopec – Pub Na vejměnku, Svobodné Hamry - restaurant on golfovém resort, Pub Jonáš in Hamry, Horní Bradlo - restaurant on football field

Points of interest
Vestec - highest peak of Iron Mountains, Horní Vestec - sweet chestnut (Castanea Sativa), Hlinsko – open-air museum Bethlehem Hlinsko, open-air museum Veselý Kopec (Merry Hill), Svobodné Hamry – water hammer, Zubří - lookout tower on Zubří Hill

Route: red from Klokočov to Modletín - green to Spálava - yellow over Barovice to Vestec - yellow to Sloupno - blue over Štikov to Hudeč -yellow to Rovný - unmarked ways to Údavy - Stružinec - yellow to Chlum - red K. H. Borovský Route over Studnice to Hlinsko - green to Veselý Kopec (Merry Hill) and Svobodné Hamry - red to Trhová Kamenice - green to Horní Bradlo - blue, yellow and umarked to Klokočov

Lenght: 62 km
Elevation: 1 307 m
Difficulty: middle
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