026 - Hradec Forest  
Arboretum, Open-air Museum and ZOO
1. 8. 2018

Widespread dense forests in the immediate vicinity of Hradec Králové will be seen from the Milíř look-out. Then we go along the natural-paths to Vysoké Chvojno where there is a nice arboretum. From Poběžovice, the road leads us to unbounded Orlice river. We will go along it to Krnovivice open-air museum. Another enjoyment is a visit the ZOO with wild boars and deer. The terrain is lighter, you can also enjoy the round with your children.

The film is in Czech with English subtitles

Milíř lookout tower– buffet, Býšť - roadhouse Koliba, Hoděšovice – Pub Na Kopečku, Krňovice – Pub U Skanzenu, Nový Hradec Králové close to pond Biřička – Restaurant Pavlína

Points of interest
Vysoká nad Labem – Milíř lookout tower, Vysoké Chvojno – Arboretum, Krňovice – Open-air Museum, the range of wild boar and fallow deer at the hunters cottage U Dvou šraňků

Route: From Roudnička along red around Milíř lookout tower to Koliba - yellow and unsigned way to Hoděšovice - green over Vysoké Chvojno to Poběžovice u Holic - blue to crossroad Suté břehy - yellow along Orlice river to Krňovice - red tp Běleč Mill - green and red to pond Výskyt - yellow to wild boar range - blue to Vlčí jámy - red to Nový Hradec Králové - blue to Biřička Pond - yellow to Cikán Pond - unmarked road to Roudnička

Lenght: 52 km
Elevation: 485 m
Difficulty: easy
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