028 - Vizovice Hills 2  
With a bear in the back on Devil's Rocks
1. 10. 2018

We are looking forward to beautiful views of Hostýn and Súľov Hills and Malá Fatra and visit of Lačnov and Devil Rocks. In addition to the storm on the ridge, we hear from the distance several times the bear's bark. Here's a common experience, but we Praguers are a little nervous about it. Fortunately, everything will go well, we will not even meet the wolves and we can proudly announce that we have already conquer the whole ridge of Vizovice Hills.

The film is in Czech with English subtitles

Lidečko - Roadhouse Čertovy skály (Devil's Rocks), Pozděchov - Pub U Pospíchalů, Vizovice - Valašský šenk

Points of interest
Klokočí Hill - look-out, bell tower St. Vendelín, Lookout tower Doubrava, Klášťov Hill - remains of a bronze fort, Vařákovy Paseky - memorial linden and memorial to the local victims of the Nazis, Lačnovské skály (Lačnoc Rocks) - pískovcové skalní útvary, Čertovy skály (Devil's Rocks) - big sandstone outcrop, Vizovice - Hala's Bakery - Vizovice pastry products

Route: green and yellow from Želechov to Klokočí Hill - blue ridge way around the Doubrava observation tower over Klášťov and Vařákovy Paseky to Lačnovské skály and then downhill to Čertovy skály - along unmarked forest path back parallel to the ridge to the crossroad of Láz - along yellow to the castle Trubiska - blue to Pozděchov - yellow ridge over Ublo to Vizovice - green to Želechov

Lenght: 44 km
Elevation: 1 525 m
Difficulty: middle
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