029 - Litovel Region of Morava River  
Guest Jaroslav Cabicar
1. 11. 2018

From the center of Olomouc, we are going around Poděbrady Lake to Litovelské Pomoraví. It is a protected landscape area with floodplain forests, growing along the lazy flowing river Morava. No big climb or difficult terrain is awaiting for us. The route is suitable for young children and older cyclists. The guide is my uncle Jarek Cabicar, a great sportsman and former coach of Czech boxing team. And because he can enjoy his life at the age of 84, we will visit a number of pubs with delicious specialties along the way to Litovel.

The film is in Czech with English subtitles

Hynkov - Na Starém Mlýně (On the Old Mill) Pub, Lhota nad Moravou - Pod Lipou (Under the Linden) Pub, Březové - U Vody (Near the Water) Pub, Litovel - Café Restaurant Záložna, Horka nad Moravou - Lovecká chata (Hunters Challet)

Points of interest
Horka nad Moravou - swimming in Poděbrady sandpit, Nature House of Litovel Region of Morava River, Litovel a Olomouc - historical center

Route: From the car park near the sandpit Podebrady along the west bank of the sandpit and then along the field road to Horka nad Moravou - on footpath along the Mlýnský brook to the grounds behind the House of Nature of Litovelské Pomoraví - red over Hynkov to Lhota nad Moravou - red to Litovel - cycling trail 6027 to the bridge over Bahenka - red to Lhota nad Moravou - along a field trip to Hynkov - along an unmarked way along the left bank of the Mlýnský brook to the crossroad U tří mostů - green over Sedlisko to Horky nad Moravou - along a field way to the sandpit Podebrady and along its east bank back to the parking lot.

Lenght: 40 km
Elevation: 125 m
Difficulty: easy
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