Cycle Trails 032 - Vsetinske Beskydy  
From Makov Pass to Tanecnice
1. 2. 2019

Although we are not fans of asphalt bike paths, this in the valley of Vsetin Becva will serve us to get closer to the start of our path along the ridge of Vsetinske Beskydy. From the Makov Pass the climb is rough and the ridge route is not as easy as in Javorniky. We will enjoy beautiful views of Javorníky and the Beskydy Mountains. And at the end, we will enjoy a great downhill ride from Tanečnice to Nový Hrozenkov.

The film is in Czech with English subtitles

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Velké Karlovice - Restaurant U Muzea, restaurant Pipicentrum, Pub Kyčerka, Vsetinske Beskydy ridge - Mountain Hotel Sůkenická, Mountain Bufet Horní Bečva, Soláň - Mountain Hotel Soláň, Mountain Hotel Čarták, Mountain Hotel Soláň, Nový Hrozenkov - Kiosk Balaton

Points of interest
Balaton Pond (swimming), Karolinka - Glassmaking Museum, Set of folk buildings in Raťkov, Velké Karlovice - Museum Velké Karlovice, wooden church of st. Of Our Lady of the Snow, Statue Gallery in Pluskovec, Bike Park Kyčerka, Miloňov - fallow deer and deer park, Makov Pass - Monument to the Guerrilla, Peak Čarták- - observation tower Čarták (Súkenická), Soláň - Belfry Soláň, Nature Gallery, Wallachian atelier U Hofmanů

Route: From Nový Hrozenkov along the Bečva cycle path through the Vsetínská Bečva valley through Karolinka and Velké Karlovice to Babská - the red climb (Bike Trails of Wallachia) to crossroads Pod Dupačkou - downhill on the red trail to Makovský pass - climb on the red trail to Trojačka - downhill to the ski resort Třeštík -along the cycle path 6013 to the saddle below Vysoká - red ridge through Benešky, Kotlová and Soláň at Tanečnica - downhill on blue to Nový Hrozenkov

Lenght: 53 km
Elevation: 1 066 m
Difficulty: middle

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