034 - Ore Mountains  
Up to Komari vizka and down to mine
1. 4. 2019

Ore Mountains are 130 km long and today we will pass only a tiny part. The cableway leads from Krupka to Komáří vížka, but we can do it by bike. Above is almost flat, it will surprise us. On the outskirts of Cínovec we visit a great restaurant. The climb from Dubí is a bit of a trouble for us, but the final downhill is worth it. And visit the mine too.

Krupka - Cableway Buffet, Komáří hůrka - Komáří vížka - mountain hotel, restaurant and buffet , Cínovec - Ore Mountains Courtyard

Points of interest
Krupka - Way of the Cross with Holy Sepulcher Chapel and Crucifixion Krupka Castle Ruin Starý Martin Mine Cableway Bohosudov - Komáří vížka Komáří hůrka - view point, Sedmihůrská vyhlídka prospect

Route: From Krupka along the blue trail, cycle route 3009 and green to the plateau of the Ore Mountains, follow the red trail to Komáří hůrka and the former Přední Cínovec to the point of rescue TP 022, along the unmarked forest road to the point of rescue TP 021, cycle route 023, blue and unmarked road across the top of Cínovec to the Ore Mountains Court, along the red trail to the Vitiška mountain hut, along the Mikulov circuit over the Pramenáč hill, downhill to railway station Dubí - climb the Cínovec circuit to Sedmihůrská cesta - cycling trail 23 to Sedmihůrská vyhlídka - downhill on blue to Krupka

Lenght: 51 km
Elevation: 1 218 m
Difficulty: middle
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