035 - Central Bohemian Uplands 2a  
(From Milešovka to Lovoš)
1. 5. 2019

Big volcanoes formed the face of the local landscape in the distant past . The remains of volcanoes still appear majestic to this day. Reach the peak of Milešovka is a big challenge. The view from the top is beautiful, as the famous naturalist Alexander von Humboldt said 200 years ago. Getting to peak of Lovoš is easier, but we'll try it out from the impassable side. And on the way to Lovoš, we will look for augite and amphibole.

Kostomlaty pod Milešovkou - Pub U Kamila, peak of Milešovka - Chata Milešovka, Oparno - Restaurant Černodolský mlýn,

Points of interest
Nature reserve Březina, Castle ruins Kostomlaty, expozice along way from Černčice to Bílka - Friendship Path, Milešovka - the highest peak of Central Bohemian Uplands, mineralogical locality Paškapole (augit, amphibole), castle tuins Oparno, Lovoš Peak

Route: From Milešov along the unmarked road around Milešovský Kloc - along the red trail to the Pod Březinou crossroads - along the cycling route 231 to the crossroads at the Big Fir Tree - on the NT Březina to the ruins of the Kostomlaty castle - on the NT Březina, follow the meadow path and unmarked roads to Kostomlaty - take the unmarked path through the forest to the two ponds below the Kostomlaty castle - green through Černčice and Bílek to the crossroads Paškapole hunters lodge - úphill ride to Milešovka by yellow and blue - downhill back to Paškapole - by green via Kletečná to the crossroads Pod Kubačkou - along the unmarked forest road to the viewpoint above the quarry - downhill along the yellow trail to Dobkovičky - along the unmarked dirt road to Chotiměř - along green to Oparenské údolí - uphill along yellow and blue to Lovoš - downhill on blue and yellow to Bílinka - along blue to Březno - along unmarked dirt road to Milešov

Lenght: 53 km
Elevation: 1 551 m
Difficulty: middle
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