036 - Central Bohemian Uplands 2b  
(Exploring Land of the Castles)
1. 6. 2019

Ruins of medieval castles stand on the basalt peaks of the České středohoří as an eagle nests. We conquered Wostrey, Košálov, Skalka, Oltářík, Chlum and Hradišany. There was little left of the castles, but the prospects from the peaks are breathtaking and worth the effort. The magical Land of the Castles extends all around us.

Dřemčice - Hospoda U nás

Points of interest
Castles ruins: Ostrý, Košál, Skalka, Oltářík a Chlum, hillfort Hradišany, nature reserve Lipská hora

Route: From Milešov along the green, unmarked dirt road and blue to Ostrý Castle - along the blue, unmarked road and blue to Březno - along the unmarked road and blue to Boreč - along the yellow to Košál Castle - along the red and across the meadow to Skalka Castle - along the red and blue to the Oltářík Castle - along the blue to Chlum Castle - along the blue and yellow via Dřemčice to Leská - along red through Hradišany hillfort to Baková hunter's lodge - along the yellow trail to Lhota - along the red trail to the Pod Lipskou horou crossroads - along the unmarked forest road to Pálč - along the Pálečský brook to Milešov

Lenght: 47 km
Elevation: 1 285 m
Difficulty: middle
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Cycle Trails 035 + 036, route for rough bikers, lenght 92 km, elevation 2 740 m, gpx coordinates