038 - Křivoklát Highlands 2  
(From Žebrák and Točník for Trilobites)
1. 8. 2019

Křivoklát Highlands is an area without people, full of natural attractions. We will head to Skryje where the world-famous trilobite site is located. We will visit Zbiroh Světovina peak, famous for pagan rituals. But above all, we will avoid all cycle paths and go through rough terrain.

The film is in Czech with English subtitles

Broumy - Pub on the football field (beer from the local Matuška brewery), Skryje - Food - snacks (the best hot dogs in the Czech Republic), Trilobit restaurant, Zbiroh - Restaurant Lesanka, Točník - Pub U Krále Václava IV.

Points of interest
Točník - castle ruins of Žebrák, Točník Castle, Broumy - Brewery Matuška, Skryje - educational trail Skryjský luh, educational trail In the Footstep of Trilobite, Trilobite site Joachim Barrande Memorial, Skryje waterfall, hill over Líšná - castle ruins of Řebřík, Zbiroh - Světovina Hill, Čertova skála, Zbiroh Palace

Route: From Žebrák follow the blue and unmarked road to the Točník castle - along the yellow downhill under the castle - along the green through Březová to Hřebeny - along the yellow to Broumy - follow the blue trail to the Pod Malým Vlastcem crossroad - downhill ride along the green through valley of the Skryje brook - follow the blue trail to the Trilobite site - follow the red trail to Skryje - follow the blue trail to Jankovský mlýn - along the green trail to the ruins of Řebřík Castle - follow the yellow trail to Jablečno - along the blue trail to Zbiroh - follow the green trail to Světovina Hill - yellow trail to Čertova skála - red trail to Zbiroh - green trail to Hlavatice rock - unmarked road to yellow trail - follow yellow to Týček - along red to Točník - follow blue to Žebrák

Lenght: 70 km
Elevation: 1 504 m
Difficulty: middle
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