040 - Hodonín Oak Forest  
(From Bzenec to Hodonín throught dense woods)
1. 10. 2019

The dunes of the sands of the Moravian Sahara, pine and oak forests form the territory of Hodonín Oak Forest. Although the high peaks of the White Carpathians are in sight, the local landscape is only slightly wavy. Forest roads have a natural surface, with some exceptions. Who will be lucky, he will see white-tailed eagle at Hodonín ponds. In addition to the Zoo in Hodonín and a 3D 3D labyrint in the canopy of oak trees, we will also visit the amazing Garden Railway.

The film is in Czech with English subtitles

Hodonín - ZOO kiosk, Dubňany - Restaurant Na Kradlově, Ratíškovice - Restaurant & Brewery Na mlýně, Rybářská bašta, Vacenovice - U Letochů Pub

Points of interest
Roztrhánky - mycologist's paradise (250 kinds of fungi), Hodonín - ZOO, 3D Maze, ponds, Vracov - Garden Railroad 600, Bzenec - chateau, Bzenec linden, Chapel of st. Florian

Route: From Bzenec along the yellow to crossroad at Bzínek - along unmarked forest roads to Žilek's oak - along the green towards Soboňky - along the yellow to crossroad Ratíškovice Road - follow the blue trail to the Hodonín Zoo - Baader Alley to the ponds near Lužice - along the dams between the ponds to the north - along the red trail, Podluží and Nová hajdovská road to Dubňany - yellow and blue to Ratíškovice - forest road to Roztrhánky - yellow to Vacenovice - Horní Vacenovická road to Vracov - yellow to Bzenec

Lenght: 70 km
Elevation: 97 m
Difficulty: easy
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