042 - Bohemian Paradise  
(Among the sandstone rocks from Drábské světničky to Kost)
08. 05. 2021

The sandstone rock towns of Bohemian Paradise form picturesque panoramas in a landscape frequented by tourists. The ruins of old castles and homesteads line our wanderings through the hills and deep valleys. Finding the ideal path for bikers is not entirely easy, and we can't avoid dead end paths while exploring. Despite our efforts is eventually crowned with success, there are places where we humbly dismount and continue on foot. The pleasure of the body and soul is then brought by the Beautiful View.

The film is in Czech with English subtitles

Beautiful View - Restaurant On Beautiful View, castle Valečov - Refreshment Valečov, Srbsko - Ice cream kiosk, castle Kost - restaurant U draka

Points of interest
Beautiful View - view of the Ještěd ridge, Drábské světničky, castle ruins Klamorna, Píčův statek, Valečov rock rooms, castle Valečov, lookout tower Čížovka, castle Kost, nature reserve Podtrosecká údolí

Lenght: 43 km
Elevation: 703 m
Difficulty: middle

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