043 - Bohemian Paradise 2  
(Casa Nuova, Trosky, Hrubá Skála and Valdštejn)
15. 05. 2021

From the village, founded by Italian semi-precious stone cutters, we go to the mysterious Vyskeř hill. The next way through the valley below Trosky leads to a famous kiosk where we will have a fatty pork knuckle instead of protein bars. On the way to Trosky, we pass through the Pekař Gate. We greet the maiden and the grandma and climb up to Hruboskalsko. The most beautiful viewpoint in the Bohemian Paradise will evoke surprising associations in Pája. Once again, we enjoyed the ride immensely.

The film is in Czech with English subtitles

Gold aw. - WEB/TV series
Hollywood Gold Awards
05 2021 USA
Silver aw. - Short Document.
Milan Gold Awards
05 2021 Italy
Special jury award - web/TV series
Golden Sparrow Int. Film Fest.
05 2021 India
Gold aw. - Web series
Paris Play
06 2021 France

Gold aw. - Web/TV series
Art Film Awards
06 2021 Macedonia
Winner - Web and New Media
Royal Society of TV & Motion Picture Awards
06 2021 India

Vyskeř - Pension Vyskeř, Žehrov - Kiosk u rybníka (by the pond), Trosky - Restaurant Trosky, Vidlák - Restaurant Vidlák, Hrubá Skála - Refreshment Hrubá Skála, Arboretum Bukovina - Refreshment At the guesthouse Hájovna, castle Valdštejn - Hospůdka na Valdštejně

Points of interest
Kacanovy - geological exposition, niche chapel and wooden bell tower, Vyskeř - Chapel of St. Anne, Stations of the Cross, the prospect, Nature reserve Podtrosecká údolí, Žehrov - pond Žehrov, Pekař Gate, Podsemín bridge, Podsemín mill, ruins of the castle Trosky, Castle Hrubá Skála, Mouse Hole, Adam's bed, Arboretum Bukovina, View of the Band, Viewpoint at the Lion, castle Valdštejn, Kopice farm

Lenght: 39 km
Elevation: 752 m
Difficulty: middle

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