Cycle Trails 051 - Along Elbe 3  
(From Nymburk to Kolín)
01. 08. 2023

The flat Elbe region has never let us down. Narrow paths, trodden by fishermen, lead along the regulated river course. Along them, we pass through floodplain forests and around the former blind arms of the Elbe with the singing birds on the sky. Those who want to take a bath on the way should visit the sandpit in Poděbrady. The journey along goes quickly, just a relaxing ride with children or at the beginning of the season.

The film is in Czech with English subtitles

Nymburk - Rybárna, Restaurant Na Žofíně, Poděbrady - kiosks near Poděbrady Lake, Kolín - Bistro U Stapu, Libice - U přívozu, Restaurant Cidlina, Poděbrady - Poděbrady brewery, Streetfood

Points of interest
Nymburk - City walls, Nature trail Pňovský luh, historical centre of Kolín, Nature trail Borky, Nature reserve Veltrubský luh, National nature reserve Libický luh, The Slavonic stronghold Libice, Nature park Louky u Khot'ánek, Poděbrady - sandpit, castle and colonnade

Lenght: 57 km
Elevation: 25 m
Difficulty: easy

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