Cycle Trails 052 - Moravian Amazonia  
(In the footsteps of the ancient Slavs)
15. 08. 2023

Moravian Amazonia is an area of deep floodplain forests at the confluence of the Morava and the Dyje rivers. Since ancient times it has been inhabited by people and during the Great Moravian Empire powerful settlements stood here. Due to floods, however, the inhabitants later moved their dwellings to higher ground and the whole area was engulfed by a forest similar to the Amazon. There is no other place like it here, and that is a challenge we cannot resist.

The film is in Czech with English subtitles

Slavic Castle Mikulčice - the original refreshment kiosk has been cancelled, a new one is being built, Pohansko - refreshment on the ground floor of the castle

Points of interest
Slavic Castle Mikulčice, Tri-border Czech Republic - Slovakia - Austria, Lány Chateau, Kosary Meadows, Chateau Pohansko, Slavic Castle Pohansko

Lenght: 79 km
Elevation: 23 m
Difficulty: easy

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