Cycle Trails 053 - Chřiby 2  
(In the footsteps of the ancient Slavs)
01. 09. 2023

Despite the fact that some of the roads in Chřiby are asphalted, it is possible to ride through more difficult terrain. We found this out during our visit to the western part of this not high Moravian mountain range. There is no continuous ridge here, and therefore the road goes uphill and downhill. The area is famous for its ancient settlements, but today, apart from a few huts, the only trace of civilisation is the ruins of Cimburk Castle. We don't mind, because we were born for the wilderness. And after today, we can say - we have been through the whole Chřiby!

The film is in Czech with English subtitles

kiosk at Cimburk Castle

Points of interest
rock formation Kozel, Kazatelna, Zbojník, rock tower Karlova skála, ruins of Cimburk Castle

Lenght: 48 km
Elevation: 1361 m
Difficulty: middle

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