031 Lusatian Mountains 2  
With Professor Spinar to Luz
1. 1. 2019

We crossed nearly two kilometers of elevation and reached the highest peak of the Lusatian Mountains. Bathing in the natural swimming pool was worth it, just like a couple of pubs along the way. Together with Professor Spinar, we went to the dinosaurs. From the peaks of volcanic origin, there are beautiful prospects, but it also means that we are always going uphill and downhill.

The film is in Czech with English subtitles

Kamenický Šenov - Dining room na T. G. Masaryk Place, Falknov - Refreshment U rybníčku, Rousínov - Restaurant Milštejn, Hamr - Restaurant Penzion Pod přehradou, Myslivny - Luž Challet, Jedlová - Railway Station Restaurant

Points of interest
Dolní Prysk - Riedl Cave, Forest Cemetery, sandstone rocks Prysk Tower, Lipka Hill (scenic view), Kamenický Šenov - Glass Museum, National natural relic Masters Rock, Polevsko - Piste & Bikepark, Falknov - Forest Pond, Svor - Pond u Svoru, Former forest swimming pool, Rousínov - sandstone rock towers, Naděje - Castle ruins of Milštejn, Antonín Valley - Chapel of St. Antoníček, Hamr - Naděje Dam, Sulfur Spring, Luž (793 m) - the highest mountain of the Lusatian Mountains, Lesné - The mining trail through the Milířka valley, Tolštejn - the best preserved ruin of the Lusatian Mountains, Jelení skála - scenic view, Křížový Buk - educational trail along fortresses, National natural relic Zlatý vrch - the quarry with an example of a columnar separation of basalt, Pustý zámek - castle ruins, rock basalt outpost at the road.

Route: From Dolní Prysk to Kamzičí trail to the cemetery, along the blue to the hill of Lipka, along the unmarked forest path to the crossroads of the Fountain of the Frog, to the green on the Panská skála, along the road around the church of St. Vavřinec to bus stop Prácheň shop, blue to Klučky, forest road to Polevsko, yellow to Kytlice, along the asphalt to the Forest Pond in Falknov, past the pastures to Řachvaj, to the yellow (Kočárová cesta) at the crossroads under Malý Buk, downhill on the forest road to St. Antonín, along cycle route 3054 to Svor, along red to Rousínov, a short distance from yellow to the rock towers and back, along the red to Milštejn, the downhill ride to Naděje, the cycle path "To the Neighbors" on the blue, the blue to the Antonín valley, the forest path to the valley, downhill to red, along red to Hamr, along cycle path 3061 climb to the Luž Cottage in Myslivna, along the red to the top of Luž (partly passable by bike), along the red at the crossing Pod Ptačincem, along the blue and then along the Mining trail and the yellow downhill to Lesné, along the red to Tolštejn, cycling trail 3015 to the Tolštejnská cesta cross-road, along the forest path and then to the green on Jelení skály, downhill to Jedlová, along the red to Zlatý vrch, along the Educational Trail Around Studenec on the red, the red around the Pustý zámek and then along the Kamzičí Trail across the ridge to Dolní Prysk.

Lenght: 66 km
Elevation: 1 816 m
Difficulty: middle
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